My new project: My craft room!

 This is about how I want my craft room to look, color and all. But I want more of an apple green for the walls but I like the white wall shelves and the white furniture and the red random organizers.

I'm a beginner sewer, so the white desk in the photo will be my sewing machine table/ scrapbooking table.  This is the table I am hoping to get from Target. It's $219.99.
I want  to have a measuring table like this one but in white. I LOVE that it has cubby's for my fabrics.
 I want these wall shelves, about 3 or four and some regular white ones.

 For his cubby organizer, I will have 4 red baskets with my scrapping stuff.

This is what I have so far. I chose a spring green, I just need to finish the room. I'm sooooo excited to finish!!!

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Alethea said...

That will be a fantastic room. Can't wait to see yours when it's done.

Unknown said...

Very pretty!

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