Today, I went to Savory located at 1314 S Grand Blvd.
Which, I discovered, that every first Friday of the month they hold a mini Cirque de Soleil from 5 pm to 9 pm. I was so sad hearing this because I'm leaving this Sunday back to New Mexico. So next time I come up, I will have to come!

Savory once was a Blockbuster, but ya know, due to Red Box and Netflix, who needs Blockbuster? I am surprised Hastings has lasted this long! So when I walked in, I was shocked to see....

Straight ahead is the lounge. The atmosphere was very chic.
The waitress we had was so nice! She talked briefly to me about being a military wife and thanked me and my husband for my sacrifice and his service. She came around and checked on us frequently (not too-too much) and when we had questions she patiently answered all of the ones she knew and the ones she didn't she didn't hesitate to ask. 

Here are a couple of pictures of the menu's:
Whole Menu

Close Up at Afternoon Appetizers

Close up of Specials

Martini List

Wine List

We were seated in the Lounge. 
I love how you can see the kitchen from the restaurant and that there was seating right in front of it! This told me that they weren't afraid to show what they are doing/making back there and they are up to par of cleanliness. 

We were starved, so we got an appetizer. We ordered the Mediterranean Tappas Platter, which included: Hummus, Tzatziki, Roasted garlic, Olive Relish, Pickled Cucumbers, and Sweet Peppers served with Grilled Baguettes and Flat bread Triangles. 

What is another word for amazing? Astonishing, blow one's mind, awesome? Yea. Pick any of those. It was deliciiiiiousssss!!!!! 

Before I get started on this beautiful salad, I must say this: We ordered two specials which were $14 ($15 for dinner), little pricey for lunch, I know, but it came with either a house salad (above) or a caeser salad and after you've had  your meal, you get dessert too! So All in all, not a bad price.
Ok. The salad. This salad came with beautiful spring mix, candied apricots, Gorgonzola cheese, Dried Chic Peas and Pecans. There may be a few other things in here as well, I can't remember. 

Oh! Salads also come with this muti-grain bread and herbed butter. 

I ordered Chicken Picata on Angel Hair Pasta. It entailed Lemon-Caper wine sauce, garlic, shallots, butter and soft herbs.  
I was a bit disappointed with this, but not because of the chef, because I didn't see the caper part and I'm not a caper fan, which you can see there are capers everywhere. BUT! the chicken was SOOOO moist! I didn't even need a knife to cut through it and it was pretty good!

My mother got some fish and chips. The cod was fresh, not frozen, and breaded in Parmesean cheese, garlic and ginger Panko crumbs with a hand made tartar sauce. 

So, I didn't take photo's of dessert. I'm sorry. :(
My mom had Creme Brulee. It was pretty good.
I had the Chocolate Decadence. Which... there are no words for how amazing it was....

So. What I love the most about this restaurant is that the chefs try to incorporate fresh local fruits and veggies as possible. Which is just amazing.
I don't understand why only 68% of the people who have gone to Savory like it, I was very impressed.
 This is a perfect date night restaurant. Service was great. It's pricey, but delicious. 
I rate it as a 5 out of 5.

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