Cookie Monster Cupcakes (Not the best)

So, I just saw a picture of these today and decided to do them... Only problem: I make my own frosting and today it would not come out thick enough. No matter how much powdered sugar I put in it! Usually, it's not a problem... I'll have to use store bought ones next time. Anyways, since I'm so disappointed in them I'm just going to show a picture, not a tutorial.

 They are supposed to be "fluffy" and the frosting just kept sliding off!
I'm sorry they look horrible, I'll have to re-post if and when I make them again!

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Domesblissity said...

I don't think they look so bad. The colour's perfect. I'd be happy to eat one, no worries at all! MMMMMMMM, cupcakes!!!!!

Anne @ Domesblissity

Lisa said...

Those are so cute. I look at them and just smile.

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