Things to Come!

Ok, here's whats new:
- We got our orders!!! We're going to Wichita, Kansas. 

People keep giving me faces when I tell them this, but think about it. I was in a spit in a bucket, hoe-dink, middle of the dessert town. This is a HUGE upgrade! McConnell AFB is 5 minutes away from downtown Wichita. How exciting is that?!?! 

So now that I will be in a major city (Plus I'm within a few hours away from Oklahoma City and a few more from Dallas) My blog will also become a foodie blog (I will still bake, don't worry!). I will be taking pictures of different places and criticizing them. I'm super stoked! 

Also, I will be adding some hair and DIY stuffs to my blog. 
I have crazy curly hair. And there's very few blogs/magazines/pictures/tips/etc. that are about curly hair. If they are, they're people who curly their hair unnaturally (Curling irons, sock buns, perms, etc)
I will be documenting and criticizing products and tips you can use in your curly hair among other things.

Ok, So I am up in Spokane, Wa, where my family is at while my husband is in tech school at Sheppard AFB. I haven't been baking a lot, but a few times. PLUSSSS, I catered for Balance Eternelle Day Spa  (or facebook page) while here and I made some cute things!

 Here are some bread dip bowls. In the back is celery, middle is carrot, front is cucumber and a variety of breads with some mild Jalapeno Ranch. These got great reviews.
Jalapeno Popper Rolls. 
Super easy and was one of the first things to go!

Dark Chocolate Brownies
These got wonderful reviews and I had to constantly come back and refill the tray! I was a good thing I made a double batch. 

I also made some Greek cukes (Cucumber slices with Tzatziki on top) and some Caprese Kabobs (Grape tomato, basil leaf, mozzarella and balsamic vinaigrette on a toothpick)
But I couldn't get photos! Sad, I know.

At home though, I made a few things at my mothers request.
Breakfast cookies (Energy cookies)
These are oatmeal cookies with a whole lot more than just raisins!

Mini Lemon Pies
My mother was in a lemon fix, so I made her these simple Lemon pies and it cured her!

All these recipes will be coming as soon as we get settled in at Wichita. I will be going back home (as in NM) in 2 weeks and 2 weeks later we'll be going to our new home in Wichita! 
Hopefully we will get base housing and I will be back to my blogging self in no time!!
I hope all my readers are doing well and baking a ton! 

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