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I'm Alyssa! I'm 23 years old and my family is from Puerto Rico. I was born in Philadelphia, PA, moved to Texas when I was 7, then Moved to Washington when I was 12. 

I was going to school when I met my future husband, while getting my AA.

This is us when we were first dating. <3

We got married 2 1/2 years later on July 19th 2009.

While my husband went into the U.S. Air Force (graduated as top honor in BMT, btw).....

 I was going to Eastern Washington University getting my BA in Psychology with a minor in Sociology.

After I graduated, My mother and I road tripped to Mississippi, where my husband was stationed while he was going to tech school to be an Air Traffic Controller. 

  3 or 4 months later, my husband graduated from tech school as Distinguished Graduate!
And so, we went back home to Spokane, Wa.

 We brought along our babies: Cocoa, my doxie and Sherbert A.K.A. Kitty, our cat.

 We went back home and saw our family and my bestie, Shelly. We have crazy adventures when we're together and I really miss her a lot.

We moved to New Mexico and we're now stationed at Holloman AFB. For the very first time we had our first Thanksgiving last year and although it was the first time I made a Turkey, it came out AMAZING! I'll have to post the recipe I found.

We later adopted a yellow lab puppy, named Triskit, that won't sit still. This is the clearest photo I have of him.

We're very happily married, still after  2 1/2 years! I know it isn't long, but I know in my heart we're right for each other and we'll be together for pretty much ever. 

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