Red Velvet Chocolate Chunk and Drizzle Cupcakes

First off **Drool**

No seriously, these are super easy and super simple!!!

What you need:
Box of moist Red Velvet Cake Mix {I cheated, I know :(}
Whatever box calls for (i.e. eggs, oil, water)
Cocoa Powder
Either chocolate chips chunk from a bag or hand cut (I think hand cut is better, but that's just me) :)
My Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe ( added a little sweetened condensed milk this time)
Chocolate chips and shortening (or melting candy coating chocolate)

Start making your red velvet cupcakes as the box directs, but once you're all mixed up and insure there are nu clumps, add in your chunks of chocolate pieces. Also, add in just a tsp of cocoa powder to add more of a chocolate flavor. Then bake as directed.

Make the cream cheese frosting (try adding in the sweetened condensed milk, I know you don't want to open that whole can for just a few tsps, but its something different to try!) and once done pour into a Ziploc bag with one corner snipped off or a frosting gun.

Whist cooling your cupcakes, melt your chocolate on low heat on the stove top adding just a bit of milk to it so it doesn't burn or for 30 second increments in the microwave then stirring in between. Add in your shortening (about 1 spoonful) and stirring it in. If you're using candy coating chocolate then you don't need shortening. Once melted pour into a bottle with a small tip or just use a Ziploc bag with a small cut in the corner. 

Once cupcakes are cooled (make sure they are COMPLETELY cooled!!!) Start piping out your frosting. I just did simple swirl around the cupcake. Once applied, just do simple zig-zag motions over you frosting. It doesn't have to look perfect, in fact that's what makes it look nice, is just a bit of chaos. :)

That's it!!!
You're Done!!!
Go show these simple and easy cupcakes to your friends, neighbors, family and let them assume how much hard work you went through over these cupcakes! They'll never know!!

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Sooo So So Long!!!

I apologize to EVERYONE about Wish List Wednesdays, Themed Bakers Sunday, and my baking! My husband and I have been going through a rough patch. I'm sure you don't want read about it, but I'm going to vent a bit.
My husband is in the air force, a first class airmen, so brand new basically. He WAS Air Traffic Control, but he sadly has to be cross trained, meaning he has to go back to tech school to learn something else. Mostly my husbands decision, I don't want him to be miserable in a sub par job, but still... Him going back to tech school means we have to get re-stationed somewhere else! We've only been here since October of 2010. Before that I was in Mississippi for 3 months and before that Spokane (where my family is). I kind of just want to be somewhere at least for 2-3 years!
We don't know when or where he is going and we don't even know what his career will be to due to paper work.
Also, we have the worst neighbors in the world and they keep calling Soaring Heights (company we rent from  on base) to try to get rid of my dog. My dog, Triskit, was abused, he doesn't like strangers. He barks at them when he sees them in the back yard and I yell at him and he's getting better but not apparently to them.
He's gotten out a few times trying to explore and always sticks around the house and instead of calling us (which they have our number) they call security forces. Triskit was not harming anyone. Just sniffing here and there. Anyway, this part is a huge long story that I don't want to get into. All I'm going to say is that when they last called them they said I tied them up in the back yard (Not allowed on base) which I would never do to my dogs, especially if they have a fenced in yard to run around in!!! Also, once they got out of the patio and I'm 95% sure someone let them out. Not pointing fingers, but there was no way my dogs can get out unless they magically opened up the gate!

So, good news --> I started my own at home business!!! Sew N Tell  is my business, where I sew purses mostly, but clutches, pouches, aprons, anything and everything I can think of basically!! Please please please like my page and check out my things!! Here are some of the things I make!!

I do try to bake when I can though! It's just getting to post them is the tough part!!! I'm not giving up on my passion for baking or cooking, I just needed to keep myself busy whilst making some money as well. I tried having my own at home bakery, but there would have been a lot of hoops I would have had to have gone through and wouldn't have been worth it if I am leaving soon.

I hope that there are still a few people who care about my blog and that will read this. If you do, please leave me some kind of comment to motivate me to post more things on my blog, just so I know that SOMEONE is out there!

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