My puppy, Cocoa.

I took my doxie, Cocoa to the vet today along with my other dog, Triskit. Cocoa needed to be updated and Triskit is only 6 months old, so he needed to get everything. The vet was listening to Cocoa's heart and lungs and when she was taking a while to listen, I knew something was wrong. Cocoa has a heart murmur. It's not anything extremely serious, but it does need to be monitored now.

 Cocoa isn't exactly a puppy, he's almost 11 years old now. 

I guess it's not uncommon in dogs who are a  bit older. 

 If he coughs after activity or pants a lot from activity, I need to bring him in for some tests.

 I haven't seen him cough and his activity level is normal. He jumps and runs around the same and never pants unless we go on a hike or is too hot.

 I don't know what I would do without my Cocoa-Puff. About 6 years ago I got him from Spokanimal. Before I got him, you wouldn't even recognize me. I was extremely depressed and having Cocoa made me a brighter and better person. It was a great feeling coming home and him being soooo excited to see me. He follows me everywhere and has to be next to me all the time.  

Please pray for my Cocoa. Pray he lives a long time and this heart murmur isn't going to hurt him.

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Shelleh said...

Dislike about Cocoa. I hope he's ok. :( I <3 Cocoa too. So does Chexy. =]]
Miss you both and let me know how everything is.

Alethea said...

I love the photos of your puppies. I will be happy to pray for Cocoa.

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