Lemon Truffles

So I decided to make a different kind of truffle, and who doesn't like Lemon??

What you need:
1 pkg (8 oz) Philly Cream Cheese
1 (16 oz) Box of Lemon Cookies
6 Semisweet Baking White Chocolate
1/3 cup Shortening
What you need to do:
With an electric mixer, beat your cream cheese to make fluffy. 
Add in your either already crushed cookies or add them in whole if your mixer can handle breaking them.
When mixed thoroughly, with a cookie scooper, make your balls.
I personally, like to scoop them to get the right size, then roll them with my hands to smoothen them out.
Melt your white chocolate and mix in your shortening until blended well together. 
Dip your truffles and set to dry. 
With the leftover white chocolate, I put in a squeezy bottle and added a bit of yellow dye and some powdered juice mix with lemon flavoring, mixed it together and drizzled on top of the truffles.

Set in fridge to dry. 

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3 Lovely Thoughts:

Kristy said...

Lemons! Yum! But I'm curious, why the shortening mixed into the white chocolate?

Kristy said...

Ohhhh, yes, that clears things up!! Good to know because I have noticed that melted chocolate takes forever to harden.
These sound like the popular Oreo truffles, only with lemon cookies. Genius, I tell you! :) I already follow your blog!!

Lisa said...

Ooohh, what sweet yummy little bites.

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