Wishlist Wednesday 第三 (Number three in Chinese)

Sorry, I was not able to post earlier! I was working all day long! It was a very long day... Onto my wish list!

I am out to make the perfect macaron! I made one before, but it came out looking... I don't know how... Check it out HERE ... doesn't look like this photo, does it?
Tips? Advice? Perfect Macaron recipe? Anyone?
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Amy said...

Yum...I love macarons! What an coincident! I just made a blog post about tips on making macarons and hope you'll find the tips helpful. Here's the link:

Good luck and have fun! Can't wait to see how your macarons turned out! I'm sure they'll be beautiful and delicious!


Bronnie said...

Oh, I wish I could help, but I'm also trying hard to make the perfect macaroon!!! Looking forward to seeing how you go! Bronnie xx

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