Strawberry Sweetie Pies

This has become my new favorite treat! They're so easy, delicious and fairly inexpensive!
I got this recipe from Butter Cream Bake House and I am so glad I did!!! 

What you need:
-Refrigerated already made pie crust dough
-Canned pie filling
-1 Egg
-Cookie cutters

What you need to do:
Beat the egg.

Roll out your pie a bit thinner and even.

Make your cut outs. (I made shamrocks and hearts)

Brush your pie shapes with the egg.

Place like 3 small berries on the shapes.

Place one shape on the other and pinch with a fork.

Brush with egg again!

Sprinkle some sugar

Bake at 350 for 15 minutes


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3 Lovely Thoughts:

Winnie said...

Lately I've been baking with strawberries and just love it!
Your treats look sweet and very cute :)

Dulce fresa said...

very cute!!

Corina said...

These look gorgeous and so easy. They'd be a great simple recipe to make if you have children who want to help out.

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