These were the first fun cupcakes I had ever made and they were indeed soooooo much fun! I made these for my husband who was in Tech School for the US Air Force. Sadly they got smashed and looked like applesauce cupcakes instead.

These Pie cupcakes have to be my fav! They were so fun and easy to do! I had just bought my first frosting gun, so I had to try it out! And voila!

These Rubber Ducky cupcakes look fun and easy....they were fun, but easy? NOT! These were crazy hard to do! The frosting was TOO liquidy and was dripping EVERYWHERE!  However, they went to a good cause. I made them for a bake sale for an organization, that now that I think about it, I can't remember what they did. But these sold like hot cakes! People loved them!!

These Polar bear cupcakes are so cute, I want to hug them! I made them for my husbands Christmas potluck. Unfortunately, He took them to work, WHEN HE WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO, and smashed them.  Good thing I took photos!
These Walrus cupcakes were tricky. Because of the crushed Oreo crumbles, nothing would stick. They do have eyes though! They are little chocolate Jimmys (or sprinkles as some people like to call them)

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Andi said...

Very Cute, I love cupcakes also, but haven't gone to this extreme of making any. Maybe someday, thank you for the linky party. Andi

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