Strawberry pie

Strawberry Pie!
I'm not a huge pie person, but this was pretty good!
I actually made this recipe myself, unfortunately I don't remember how I made it.
All I know is that it came to me in a dream, where I made it with Phyllo dough instead of traditional dough and served this pie warm, a la mode. 
So that what I did! I thought of what I would like in a strawberry pie and I did it!
I was delicious, especially with ice cream, but I personally didn't like it cold or room temperature, so get
a lot of people to eat it with you!

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Alethea said...

I am a pie person. I just wish that you could remember the recipe for that strawberry pie, it looks scrumptious.

Unknown said...

Well, I made it up myself,so it's hard to keep track.
I know that I put A LOT of cut up strawberries and made my own strawberry glaze using more real strawberries, baked it in the oven for like 20 min and served it warm with Ice cream. Hope that helps. =)

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