Wish List Wednesday

Ok, starting a new thing. Every Wednesday I'll post what I wish to make or perfect sometime in my life.
If you have a recipe I'd love for you to leave a comment leaving a link to it! Thanks!

Classic Apple Pie
I've made a Rustic Apple Tart a LONG time ago, but never an apple pie.
I'm not big on cooked fruit, but my husband loves apple pie, so of course I MUST find a god recipe.

Cake Roll
More specifically a Red Velvet cake roll. 
I've attempted 3 times and they rip and fall apart each time.
I know how to do it, I've seen multiple videos and read a lot of tips, I just don't know what I'm doing wrong.

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Shaheen said...

I wish I could advise you re the roll. I've made my first ever Roulade (meringue style)a week or so ago and it had rips, but the recipe did state this was normal. Perhaps making a Swiss Roll would be better (more flour based). I love the fact that your attempting to make a Red Velvet Version. Sounds fantastic.

Chels/Catz in the Kitchen said...

Mmm, Those look so good! I made my first pie a few months ago. Next I would like to tackle an apple pie too :) You go girl!

Jeanie said...

I have a little award for you at my blog:

Also, I've read that you can roll a cake better if you roll it up in a tea towel while it's hot and then unroll after cool and frost it.

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